PARIMEO means "to change together". And that's exactly what we do. As a team, we embark on the journey through challenging projects. With customers whom we value. And with an ambitious goal in our luggage: the tailor-made solution. For us, it holds true: If we can't accomplish it, no one can. That's the PARIMEO way. And those who walk it with us create new resources for entrepreneurial growth.

Celebrate the challenge. Uphold values.

At PARIMEO, we work according to a clearly defined philosophy. A rock-solid values framework helps us work within reliable guidelines. Those who work with us – and those who work alongside us – benefit from this strong foundation. Because they know where they stand with us.

professional We set high standards for our work. Each and every individual takes responsibility. Our customers rely on functional solutions and excellent support. To uphold this quality promise, we rely on continuous development – both individually and as a team. The creed: If we can't do it, no one can.
agile Challenges evolve. We keep pace by acting swiftly and agilely. We adapt to circumstances without losing focus. We keep our eyes on the goal without getting stuck in paralysis. Staying flexible also means acknowledging individual preferences and discussing them. For us, work and family are not opposites – they complement each other.
together We value the community. We work together, we win together. A relaxed atmosphere, respectful interaction, and transparent communication are the ingredients for successful collaboration for us. We are not a homogeneous mass; instead, we are a team of individuals who support each other.

Practical. Pragmatic. Professional.

Direct communication is everything. We value constructive criticism and enjoy engaging with customers and partners in dialogue. Blunt and clear. Because, let's not kid ourselves: Nobody is perfect. That's why continuous improvement is mandatory and standing still is not an option. This honesty towards ourselves and others makes working with us simply enjoyable. See for yourself, it's worth it.

We've got something for you!

Working at PARIMEO comes with tangible advantages. We understand that every need is different – and we respect that. So, let's talk and tailor your impact with us individually.

Diverse projects No one likes to be bored at work. That's why we handle projects in different industries and utilize various technologies. This way, you can leverage your specific strengths even more effectively.
A team of individuals We value collaboration: from face-to-face work, shared lunches, to regular team events. But sometimes, Me-Time is the key to success. Do you want flexible home office arrangements, a sabbatical, or the option to work remotely for a while? Together, we find the right balance between "we" and "you".
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  • agile working
  • Training company (internships possible)
  • Vouchers and company discounts

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